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Cousins, Karen and Alison, from the local Lewis family, have opened a new venture in the high Street of Farndon village called Lewis’s of Farndon, a speciality coffee shop.

Why a coffee shop I asked? 

Karen said “The village needs a heart, somewhere open every day where people can meet.  Holt village across the river has 3 café’s while Farndon has had none until now “.

The speciality coffee shop is newly built with an outside terrace and good windows. The coffee is produced with an Italian machine and Staff have been trained to ensure they can serve excellent though reasonably priced Latte, Americano, Espresso etc.

There is a welcome sign outside inviting you to come in and experience for yourself.

As well as good coffee, freshly made to order sandwiches and baguettes,  there is a friendly atmosphere and young families are welcome, with play toys and Mr Whippy ice cream, ideal for mums and family in the holidays and school runs. Also homemade cakes and pastries, and a new range of gifts from erj boutique in Hoole Chester.

Parking is good just outside on the High street and stands for bicycles will be installed soon.

For my part Lewis’s of Farndon is a welcome addition to the growing village, a place for local social contact , a watering hole for the traveller, as the village swells and grows with more new families and friends yet to come.

So thank you Karen and Alison for offering something any good village needs coffee, cakes, pastries, and a place to chat!

Peter K Macgeorge

Inside views